Welcome To My New Website

I am really happy and pleased to finally launch my brand new website for AG Development. Having left my 9-5 Job last Christmas I want to be in control of my own time and be my own boss and although it definitely comes with its own struggles it is pleasing to see a business start from nothing and grow into something with my own passion and stamp on it.

First, solve the problem. Then write the code.

Take a look through my website, and see if I can solve your problem, I have the skills to take a mental picture, a napkin design, or no design at all and create a website that represents you and your business. Having a website for your business is now a must with 55% of website traffic coming from mobile devices anyone wanting to get a snapshot of your business can do so with a tap of a screen. Getting a website built professionally only adds to your business profile and fills potential clients with a more trusting attitude knowing you have a website that not only looks good but, also shows off your skills.

“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.”

Paul Cookson

I hope you enjoy my website, if you see anything that you think could improve it or something which you think is missing, send me a message through my facebook or WhatsApp me i am more than happy to get back to you!! If you are interested in getting a website built… GET IN TOUCH!!! Feel free to give me a call or message me, I’m happy to have a chat with you and advise you the best I can!

My Favourite Landscape :