E-commerce Websites

As many of you will know, ecommerce in UK is massive! It now accounts for over 30% of total retail in the UK market! This means that if you haven’t got an ecommerce store for your business you really are missing out! Having an ecommerce website for your business doesn’t mean you stop in person sales, it also doesn’t mean everything you sell has to be online, having 10-20 of your best selling items online is enough to get your name out their and potential sales being the cherry on top!

23% of small retail businesses still don’t have an online presence!

When you see the figure above, with how long the internet has been around, it does strike many questions in my head: 

  • Are people unaware of the potential benefits? (around 10% extra sales per month)
  • Have they been put off by large development agencies in the past which quoted an arm and a leg for a website? 
  • Do they think their customers don’t buy online?
  • Does e-commerce just not fit your business model?

“Mobile is going to change e-commerce as much as e-commerce has changed brick and mortar retailers.”

Michael G. Rubin

I will happily challenge any small retailer on why they don’t have an ecommerce website, no matter what your budget is there is always something which can be built to suit your needs. 

If you think your consumers don’t buy online, I challenge you to ask some of your regulars the next time they are paying if they buy/browse online for products before they purchase. I would suggest to you that you are missing out not only on online sales by not having an ecommerce website but, also on local in person sales by people not knowing that you sell specific items!