What have I been up to?

What have I been up to you may ask? Well, this year I have been making a few changes in my life and also still working hard! Firstly, I left my 9-5 job at Christmas time, this was a big decision to make however I realised that I needed to be my own boss to help with not only my own mental space but, also allow me to continue working on the farm at home part time and also complete my University Degree. 

University Degree??? This is actually something a-lot of people don’t know about me… I am in the middle of completing my degree with the open university. I started this when I left college after completing my level 5 as the experience you receive throughout the modules of how to plan computing projects, how to build specific applications and know how to justify certain hardware is really important.

Another thing which if you follow me on social media is that I am a part time farmer alongside my Dad, together we farm over 100 acres of land with a suckler herd of cows and also our spring lambing ewes! This is something which I really enjoy and it allows me to stay fresh in regards to my designs as I can look at things from multiple perspectives.

Now onto my Business… Well I started my own business to be my own boss, this t allows me to stay focused on my designs and development and also decide which technologies suit each of my clients. if you are a small – medium sized business and don’t have an online presence with your own website, I ask you to get in touch, any budget small – large I can cater for you! Please do not hesitate to call me or message me even if its just to get advice!